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The mystery around the grave of Steve Jobs | Digital Trends Spanish

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A lot of curious facts are known about Steve Jobs, the genius behind Apple, such as that he tried to become a civilian astronaut in 1985, months after being fired by the company he founded, or that 11 years ago he scammed his friend – and Apple co-founder – Steve Wozniak when Atari paid him $ 5,000 for the video game Breakout, for which Jobs only gave $ 350 to his partner under an abusive agreement.

Even more personal issues, such as your enthusiasm for lysergic acid, are known, but the exact site of Steve Jobs’s grave is unknown and googling it throws up satirical images including an iPod-shaped headstone.

His death, on October 5, 2011, was the subject of intense media coverage that was barely limited by his family’s desire to keep the funeral intimate. The chronicles describe his farewell as a small and private ceremony two days after his death. He was then quietly buried in Alta Mesa Memorial Park in Palo Alto, California, where his adoptive parents (Paul and Clara Jobs) are and also rest the remains of other technology pioneers, such as David Packard (co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, which gave Jobs his first summer job).

However, Jobs’ grave is anonymous and its exact location remains a mystery. The reason? His family sought anonymity, perhaps to prevent their mausoleum from becoming a pilgrimage site for Apple fans.

That Jobs’ family has sought to make Steve’s grave untraceable did not prevent several fans from making expeditions to find his whereabouts. Perhaps the best known is the one that carried out a youtuber Italian, who claimed to have found her in a video published on November 2, 2011 and in which, as a tribute (concepts aside), she bites an apple on what is allegedly her grave.

That search would not be the last and the youtubers they would not be the only ones to join the hunt for the location of Steve Jobs’ grave. The financial medium Forbes (presumed journalistic ethics) had no qualms about releasing Jobs’s death certificate issued by the Santa Clara County Health Department.

A map with the presumed location of Steve Jobs' grave

The publication produced dozens of maps to allegedly find the exact location of Steve Jobs’s grave in Alta Mesa Memorial Park, which led to other public search expeditions on YouTube and whose findings are not conclusive.

For this reason, about Jobs’ will regarding the treatment of his mortal remains, only what he wrote to Walter Isaacson in his biography is known: “Over the years they had informally discussed where he would like his ashes to be scattered, but that Monday, two days before his death, he declared that he did not like the idea of ​​his body being cremated. He wanted them to bury him in the cemetery, near his parents. ” Genius and figure to the grave.

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