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The N64 games we want on Switch Online | Digital Trends Spanish

The ad from mario-golf Nintendo’s Switch Online service for April 15 enchanted several users of the platform, although some also miss N64 titles that we want to be added to the catalog.

Although it is true that there are several classics that can be enjoyed in the expansion (which has not been without criticism), other glorious productions that marked an era during the years of the 64 bits of the big N and which we will see next.

golden eye 007

Perhaps the most complex case to be seen in the future (due to licensing issues), but which undoubtedly meant a revolution for the First Person Shooter genre. The title starring James Bond inspired by the film of the same name was a magnum opus from Rare, which stood out for including elements such as missions within the stages and stealth moments.

A totally enjoyable classic today and that has not generated a community behind it for nothing, which among other things has managed, for example, to enjoy (through emulation) a remastered version that was going to be released for Xbox 360.

A true gem of the genre and that would undoubtedly be a tremendous incentive for those who are Switch Online subscribers. Dreaming costs nothing.


Unlike the previous case and considering that the first part is already available in the service, the sequel to Banjo–Kazooie It could perfectly fit into the catalog of the Switch Online expansion, as it deepens several aspects that made the franchise’s debut title unforgettable.

With much more explorable and larger worlds, the second part of Banjo and Kazooie’s adventures was another Rare production that is the basis of current platform video games, although at the time it went somewhat unnoticed.

The above was due to the fact that its commercialization occurred almost at the end of the life of the Nintendo 64, but Banjo–Tooie It is a must-see in the catalog, especially for lovers of the so-called “collectathon” style video games.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

As with Banjo – Tooie, Conker’s Adventure is also a title that many of us would applaud to see in the Switch Online expansion, not only for being a good platformer, but for its adult humor and the charisma of its characters.

The adventure of the squirrel is at this point a cult production, which takes references from the world of cinema and satires various elements of pop culture, so throughout the video game we will go through moments that we will be able to easily identify.

It would be dreamy to face The Great Mighty Poo again, with his emblematic song, through the Nintendo portable, and although the franchise belongs to Microsoft, it would not be so complex to see considering that Banjo – Kazooie is already there. Perhaps the impediment would be the type of humor for adults that the video game has, but it will be necessary to see over time if we will finally be able to enjoy it.

International Superstar Soccer 98

One of the classic soccer games that the console had, also considering that today Konami’s PES saga is in the doldrums, so it could well be that one of the titles of this franchise could reach the service, although if it is to choose one, what better than the one based on the entertaining World Cup in France.

The licenses would not be such a problem, considering that the players are fictitious, as well as the shirts that appear in the video game.

It is probably the best football title in the system, beyond the 2000 version, since it was a step forward in relation to the prequel, with a deeper game system in terms of strategies, formations, as well as the have the possibility of having a qualifying process for the World Cup. A real hit.

Super Smash Bros.

At this point, it is inexplicable that the video game that gave rise to this successful character fighting franchise is not on the service.

The title developed by HAL Laboratory would be a great option, thanks to its entertaining multiplayer, as well as a solo mode that allows us to unlock secret characters.

What’s more, Super Smash Bros. at the time it became a bestseller and gave way to a sequel that appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube and that to this day has an acclaimed community.

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