Saturday, November 26

The names we know of the pro-independence spies confirmed by the CNI

The director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, has recognized this Thursday in the Commission of Official Secrets of the Congress that the Spanish secret service spied on some Catalan independentists with judicial authorization. She has shown the deputies present at the meeting the documents that prove the permission of the Supreme Court judge to monitor 18 people with their names and surnames, but she has also shown them a dozen more authorizations from which their identity had been erased.

Robles unleashes a war within the Government to relieve the CNI of responsibility for espionage

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As sources familiar with the appearance have confirmed to, among those spied on that Esteban has recognized is the current president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragones. He has responded by demanding that Sánchez declassify the judicial endorsement of his espionage. Several people close to Carles Puigdemont are also on the list: the head of his office, Josep Lluis Alay; his lawyer, Gonzalo Boye; and the general secretary of Junts and former president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), jordi sanchez.

Among those spied on that the director of the CNI has documented are leaders of the pro-independence civil society, such as Marcel Maurithe former vice president of the Òmnium association who replaced Jordi Cuixart at the head of the entity while he was in jail, and the president of the Catalan National Assembly, Elisenda Paluzie. The regional deputy of the CUP also appears on the list of those under surveillance. Carlos Riverawho led the candidacy of the anti-capitalist formation in the 2017 elections.

Likewise, the senator for Junts Josep Maria Matamalaclose to former president Puigdemont, and the Catalan engineer who participated in the Citizen Lab report that revealed the Pegasus case, Elijah Fieldare also part of the spies accredited by Esteban, as reported by Cadena SER.

Moncloa sources have denied that Sánchez ordered or was aware of the espionage of the current president. “The Government neither knows nor should know if Aragonès has been spied on”, government sources have defended