Thursday, December 1

The National Court condemns the AFE for discriminating against soccer players to access study aid

Condemns the AFE for discriminating against female players compared to their male teammates. The National Court has established that female soccer players cannot be forced to join the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) to receive aid from the End of Career Fund, when this requirement was not required of men.

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The court sanctions the association to compensate the majority women’s professional football union, FUTPRO, with 60,000 euros for violating the fundamental rights to freedom of association and non-discrimination on the basis of sex of its affiliates by demanding this requirement only from them to receive the aforementioned benefit, reports Europa Press.

In a sentence, signed this Monday and collected by the news agency, the magistrates have concluded that the conduct of the AFE is “radically null”, for which they have ordered the “immediate cessation” of such behavior.

The Social Chamber has ruled after the FUTPRO women’s union filed a lawsuit against the AFE on the protection of fundamental rights to which the association Futbolistas ON adhered.

FUTPRO alleged that the Association of Spanish Soccer Players required female soccer players to join –unlike male soccer players– in order to benefit from the economic aid that is provided for in the End of Career Fund. This savings plan was approved in 2016 for professional soccer players or, where appropriate, their heirs, due to the end of their sports career, permanent disability or death.

sex discrimination

In 21 folios, the National Court has considered that FUTPRO has provided clear indications of violation of freedom of association and indirect discrimination based on sex.

The magistrates have stressed that, as a result of the reform operated by the AFE Board of Directors on April 8 in relation to the modification of the Regulations of the End-of-Career Fund, discrimination against women occurs.

“While the union affiliation of male soccer players is irrelevant, women who compete in the Women’s First Division are required to be affiliated with AFE, which implies a pejorative treatment of women compared to men, as well as a pejorative treatment of women. affiliated to the actor union with respect to those affiliated to AFE”, they have indicated.

High compensation for previous convictions

To set the compensation, the National Court has taken into account that the AFE union has already been sentenced twice by the same Chamber for other violations of freedom of association.

Therefore, it has concluded that the compensation requested by FUTPRO, which reaches 60,000 euros for damages, must be “estimated as fair”, “both in order to compensate for the moral damage caused, and to prevent future conduct harmful to fundamental rights”.

“From our association we will always condemn any conduct that violates gender equality.either and we will dedicate all the necessary time so that all the soccer players feel fully protected”, the association has valued in social networks.