Tuesday, February 20

The National Court confirms the filing of the case against Sánchez Galán in the Villarejo case

The Criminal Chamber of the National High Court has confirmed the free dismissal decreed by the investigating judge Manuel García Castellón regarding the president of Iberdrola José Ignacio Sánchez Galán in relation to the hiring of Police Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo.

In an order, the Chamber dismisses the appeal filed by the businessman Florentino Pérez against García Castellón’s decision to order the file of the case regarding Sánchez Galán when considering the prescribed crimes for which he was being investigated in piece 17 of the Tándem case .

The magistrates first analyze the crime of bribery committed by individuals and point out, in accordance with the applicable legislation, the statute of limitations was 10 years “which had already elapsed on June 23, 2021, which is when the procedure was directed against José Ignacio Sánchez Galán when he was summoned to be heard as an investigator, taking into account that the facts imputed to him in the appealed order occurred between 2004 and 2009.”

In relation to the participation of individuals in the crime against privacy committed by public officials, the Court analyzes the criminal type applicable at the time of the events and concludes that, as in the previous case, it would also be prescribed. In the same way, the Chamber also considers the provisionally imputed crime of falsehood prescribed, “as none of them are punished with a sentence of up to ten years in prison.”

Florentino Pérez’s appeal alluded to Sánchez Galán’s alleged involvement in the Gipsy and Posy projects. The first would have investigated the possible links of an Iberdrola employee with Florentino Pérez to provide him with information about the power company and its president; while the second tried to directly investigate the president of ACS “to find out, if necessary, any circumstance that could be used in a conflict scenario with Iberdrola”.