Thursday, December 7

The National Court confirms the inadmissibility of the Vox complaint that accused Echenique of inciting riots in 2021

The Criminal Chamber of the National High Court has confirmed the decision of Judge José Luis Calama to reject the complaint that Vox filed against the spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, considering that there is no indication that public disorder denounced in the framework of the demonstrations in support of the rapper Pablo Hásel have been carried out by a terrorist organization or that they are linked to the leader of the purple formation.

Those of Santiago Abascal accused Echenique of having incited to commit crimes related to public disorder after publishing a tweet within the framework of the disturbances registered in several cities during the demonstrations in support of the rapper Pablo Hasél, convicted of extolling terrorism and insults and slanders the monarchy and the State security forces and bodies.

On February 17, 2021, Echenique posted on his Twitter account: “All my support for the young anti-fascists who are asking for justice and freedom of expression in the streets. Yesterday in Barcelona, ​​today at Puerta del Sol. The violent mutilation of the eye of a protester must be investigated and responsibilities must be determined forcefully”.

Initially, the deputy legal secretary of Vox, Marta Castro, took the case to the Madrid Courts, but warned that Echenique’s actions could prove a connection with alleged terrorist acts or a criminal organization, so she considered that in such In this case, the National High Court or the Supreme Court would be the competent entities.

Dismisses Vox’s appeal

The National Court has not agreed and has dismissed the appeal filed by the party against the decision of the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 4 of the National Court not to investigate the reported events.

“In the present case, the court considers that the decision of the instructor to reject the complaint filed (…) is correct and correct and will proceed with its confirmation”, the magistrates of the Third Section of the Criminal Chamber have indicated in a car of July 19.

In this sense, it has specified that “the complaint filed does not show the existence of any indication that the public disorders described in it have been carried out by any terrorist organization or group.”

The magistrates have also insisted that -as explained by the Prosecutor’s Office in its report- the fact that the alleged commission of crimes took place in different areas of Spain “does not imply the jurisdiction of the National Court”.

Thus, the court has recalled that the Madrid Provincial Court has already dismissed the party’s request and dismissed the complaint, considering that Vox did not provide a single “minimally solid” objective data.

Likewise, the magistrates have referred to the doctrine established by the Supreme Court and have stressed that it is not possible to initiate an investigation based on a generic or vague complaint.