Sunday, April 2

The National Court refuses to remove Judge De Prada from two PP corruption trials

The Plenary of the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court has unanimously rejected the removal of Judge José Ricardo de Prada from two courts that are going to judge two cases related to the corruption of the Popular Party. This is the piece on the Valencian branch of Gürtel and another pertaining to the Lezo case and corruption in the public water company Canal de Isabel II, judicial sources have informed

De Prada was separated by that same Criminal Chamber of the court that judged box B of the PP, after he had participated in the trial of the First Period of Gürtel. In the ruling of the first great Gürtel trial, the irregular financing system of Pablo Casado’s party was considered accredited for at least twenty years, which ultimately led to a motion of censure that prospered and made Mariano Rajoy lose the Government .

At the request of several defendants, the judges of the Criminal Chamber considered that Gürtel’s participation in that sentence contaminated De Prada to judge the case of box B. The Adade association requested that this decision be reconsidered after the Court The Supreme Court would have ratified the essential aspects of the ruling of the National Court on Gürtel, but the magistrates of the Criminal Chamber maintained their decision to remove José Ricardo from Prada.

The former Valencian president Francisco Camps and one of his collaborators had challenged De Prada for the trial of the Orange Market piece while the former president of the Madrid Chamber of Accounts Arturo Canalda had done the same against the judge in the Inassa piece of the Lezo case . Both challenges have been unanimously opposed by the members of the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court, with which De Prada will participate in both courts.