Saturday, October 1

The national direction of Citizens closes the door to a motion of censure in Santander

The deputy secretary general of Ciudadanos, Edmundo Bal, has denied this Wednesday that the party intends to raise a motion of censure in the Santander City Council, governed by this party together with the PP, to evict the ‘popular’, but has warned that the “institutional stability” in the Consistory of the Cantabrian capital passes through holding the investigation commission of the garbage contract, temporarily suspended by the PP.

Citizens will not move in Santander until the opposition proposes the motion of censure to the PP

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In this way, Bal closes the door to any possibility of a motion of censure in Santander prospering, after last week the spokesman for Ciudadanos in the capital, Javier Ceruti, was willing to sit down to negotiate with the municipal opposition in all extremes and after socialists and regionalists conditioned any dialogue on the Citizens Group first breaking the government coalition with the PP and obtaining an express declaration of support from the national leadership. However, Ceruti always stated that the first step was to be taken by the rest of the groups and that he did not intend to abandon the government team at the outset.

“There is no motion of censure on the table,” Bal confirmed to the media, describing the possibility of promoting one as an “intentional trial balloon that someone had to launch to see how it would fall in public opinion.”

However, he has suggested to the mayor, Gema Igual, that she agree to the celebration of the commission requested by Ciudadanos [comisión de investigación sobre la gestión del servicio de recogida de residuos y limpieza viaria]. Bal has said that Cs is a party focused on “institutional loyalty” in the Santander City Council.

“We have nine months left for the elections of May 2023, what is reasonable and desirable is that there is institutional stability in the Santander City Council”, indicated the also deputy spokesman for Citizens in the Congress of Deputies. “And for that, the mayor needs to be sensible and accept the investigation commission that her government partner is asking for,” he has sentenced.

We have nine months left for the elections of May 2023, what is reasonable and desirable is that there is institutional stability in the Santander City Council

Edmund Ball
Spokesperson for Citizens in Congress

The national leadership of the PP trusts that the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, fulfills her commitment and the ‘orange’ formation rejects a possible motion, after the mayor of the PP has temporarily suspended the holding of the garbage investigation commission.

The municipal spokesman and councilor of Cs, Javier Ceutí, has indicated this Wednesday that his party is not going to “stoke fires” nor “feed distances or gratuitous confrontations” with statements, since its objective is, as it has insisted, to seek political solutions to the garbage commission and “get rid of distractions of short-term political calculations”