Tuesday, January 18

The national government advances in the execution of five road projects on Route 12 in Misiones

Among the projects already started, the adaptation of the access to San Ignacio and the construction of collectors that will run at the height of said town stand out, and this work -which presents an advance of 22% – will make possible a reorganization of the traffic at the height of the bus terminal, as well as improvements in road safety at the entrance to this tourist city.

At the same time, it contemplates improvements in pedestrian crossings, painting tasks, construction of sidewalks, speed bumps and gutters; new storm drains, clearance recovery, resurfacing and lighting of the route.

The second planned work is the readjustment of the urban crossing of General Roca from the paving of collectors and internal streets, and the construction of a roundabout at the junction of National Route 12 with Provincial Route 6.

This work, which is scheduled to begin in early 2022, will provide greater security to the area and more comfort to those who circulate through this corridor.

On the other hand, at the height of Jardín América, the adaptation of the urban crossing of the RN 12 and the construction of collectors on the urban area of ​​the city is planned, and the project contemplates the future conversion of the entire section of the RN 12 on the highway and the consequent expansion of the road area.

For this reason, at the intersection corresponding to the entrance to the Bus Terminal, a long canalized return is projected, and at the intersections with Libertad, San Martín avenues and at the junction with RP 7, viaducts are projected over traffic distribution roundabouts. local. In this case, the financing will amount to more than $ 1,435 million.

Another of the projected works is the adaptation of access and the construction of collectors at the height of Puerto Rico, which consists of improving the road and existing access branches, an initiative that will require an investment from the national government of more than $ 235 millions.

Finally, the construction of a roundabout linking the highway with the access to the town of Eldorado, at the height of Formosa avenue, is projected, and the design of the work includes a circular roundabout with four branches and an elevated viaduct which will connect with National Route 12, with an investment of around $ 53 million.

When reporting on this series of works whose purpose is to comprehensively improve National Route 12, the general administrator of National Highway, Gustavo Arrieta, considered that “they are fundamental for the urban development of the missionary towns that connect through this corridor.”

“We are talking about projects that will also benefit regional economies and local tourism. These are works that not only point to the future, but also to the present. We are convinced that such a movement of employment and materials will contribute strongly to the reactivation of the economy in the short term, “he added.

The Posadas-San Ignacio highway and the new projected works will accelerate the development of the most important commercial area of ​​Misiones and will benefit more than 15,000 users per day.


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