Saturday, December 10

The National Police and Customs intercept a motorhome with 60 million in cocaine for Euskadi

The delegate of the Government of Spain in Euskadi, Denis Itxaso, has given special importance to a joint anti-drug operation between the National Police and the Customs Surveillance Service (SVA, the Tax Agency Police) that has allowed the intercept at the port Barcelona a motorhome that concealed 534 kilograms of “high purity” cocaine from America. According to those responsible for the investigation, the material whose “main destination” was its “retail” sale in the Basque territory would have an indicative value of “more than 60 million euros on the black market.”

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The operation of the National Police teams in the Basque Country began before the pandemic, in 2019. At the end of that year, the same motorhome, now full of drug bales, was sent from Spain to America by boat “with two kayaks and a support for bicycles” with the aim of “simulating a transfer to practice outdoor activities”. The travel limitations caused by COVID-19 at a global level prevented the criminal organization from introducing the drug on the return trip for years, but, more than two years later and “the restrictions having been overcome”, they sent the vehicle again, now full of drugs. cocaine. The operation, which has received the name ‘Keja-Salty Eye’, has resulted in two people being arrested.

The authorities understand that the plot had articulated a “sophisticated strategy” to insert the illicit material. It was intended to make the caravan known at customs with a white trip. The traffickers, for their part, “traveled by plane.” The vehicle was being monitored by agents of the National Police in the Basque Country and it was decided to carry out the operation in Barcelona in the first half of July. The investigation, in any case, is still open and not many more details have been offered. The drug traffickers were “patients” but those who followed them were too and “two and a half years later” this coup has been completed. The inspection of the caravan revealed that it had “a perfectly concealed false bottom” adhered to the underside of the vehicle. There he had “333 packages of a substance that, once analyzed with the narcotest, turned out to be cocaine of great purity.”