Thursday, August 18

The NBA declares war on its anti-vaccine players | Digital Trends Spanish

The NBA has just published the draft of the sanitary protocol that it will apply from next season.

In the document, you can see the tough stance that the competition has adopted against players who have not wanted to be vaccinated to avoid COVID-19.

According to the provisions of the NBA, those basketball players who have not yet been vaccinated will have to undergo diagnostic tests more frequently than their teammates who are inoculated and have to comply with other stricter regulations.

Thus, with these new rules, those not vaccinated will not be able to eat in the same room as a colleague or technician who was vaccinated.

At the same time, lockers will be assigned as far away as possible from the other team members and they must always wear masks and remain two meters away from those attending the collective meetings.

When in town, basketball players who have not been vaccinated should remain in their residences and stay in team hotels when they are on the road.

They will also not be able to visit “high-risk” places, such as restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment venues, and open-air spaces that are crowded.

For their part, players who have already received both vaccines will not have to undergo any type of test, with some exceptions.

This group, which represents 90 percent of NBA athletes, will be able to resume their normal activities without major inconvenience.

“That the vaccine is mandatory for players is something that will require an agreement with the players’ union,” said competition spokesman Mike Bass.

“The NBA has presented this proposal, but the union has rejected any order that requires vaccination.”

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