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The neighborhood of Chavo del 8 will now be virtual and you can visit it | Digital Trends Spanish

In the seventies many children dreamed of visiting The Neighborhood of Chavo del 8, being able to hit the barrel, see if La Bruja del 71 or Don Ramón was there, have a cup of coffee with Doña Florinda, play with Kiko and Chilindrina and escape from Señor Barriga when he came to collect the rent. But now that cult TV set will be a virtual reality show opening in Mexico City.

The exhibition is called “La Vecindad de El Chavo dPōrt” and Sergio Ramírez, general director of Demiurgo and dPōrt, the companies behind the project, commented on the purpose.

The neighborhood “never existed and this is the first time that it truly exists and that they can also enter, they can live with the characters in a unique experience in the world,” added Ramírez.

“An important part of our work is investigation, we went deep into the investigation,” said Ramírez. “What did he mean, why did he think like that, why did he talk like that, why did he walk in a certain way? We try to take it as accurately as possible to how this great genius, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, may he rest in peace, thought of it.”

The virtual sample mixes physical elements. For example, visitors can actually sit on couches seen in virtual reality, or lean back at a table. In addition, they must cross door frames to enter rooms.

Tours will be conducted in groups of no more than 20 visitors. Tickets cost 300 Mexican pesos (14.5 dollars), plus service cost for ticket sales, which can be purchased from the Fever platform. The exhibition will be open until February 2023 at the Pepsi Center WTC in Mexico City.

The organizers hope to be able to take it to other cities and countries in the future.

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