Monday, September 20

The neighbors of Ciudad Lineal win the battle: their mural becomes feminist again

Amid applause and cheers, the Madrid neighborhood of La Concepción has celebrated the return of the Ciudad Lineal mural. At 7:00 p.m. on Sunday and still hot, about a hundred women – and also men – have met in José del Hierro Street, in front of the long wall that already shows the 16 women who wanted to erase.

“It is much better than before, it looks sharper,” says an assistant who prefers to remain anonymous, while distributing papers and stickers among those present. “What they did does not surprise me at all, nothing else can be expected from them.”

While the neighbors are arriving, Tomás and Rosa put posters on a gate at the beginning of the street. “One is missing, what is it?” They say, reviewing the images. “Right now there are 15 and there are 16,” says Rosa.

On each of the pages, a photo of each woman and a poem for her: “A colleague wrote them. It’s a good idea because that way you can also get to know them better,” says the member of the platform. . She has come prepared for the occasion, wearing a purple mask and a handkerchief also in feminist colors tied to her bag. In her gray hair, the purple locks are not lacking either.

Half an hour after the call, at 7.30 pm, the attendees burst into applause of gratitude to the nine members of Unlogic Crew, who have been in charge of restoring the mural: “They have given an example of what can be achieved with the fight neighborhood, “says Jorge Nuño, a member of the group, to in reference to those who have fought for the return of this emblem.

Everything is ready for the inauguration. To do it in style, the neighbors have taped purple ribbons on the wall. “Seven volunteers to cut them!” They yell with excitement. When they present themselves -among them Isa Serra and Ione Belarra- the countdown begins: “Five, four, three, two, one…!” and they cut them. The mural has officially returned to Ciudad Lineal.

“I would have left him some of the black painted ones, so that he never forgets that they are machirulos and scoundrels”, says Lucía while applauding the new mural excitedly, although “she liked the previous one better”: “Long live the women of the neighborhood de la Concepción, “he shouts, joining his voice to the rest of the audience.

After the little act, the party begins. “We don’t have loudspeakers, so we have to keep quiet,” says one of those present. Faced with the screams and conversations on one side of the street, the readings of poems and the low music on the other.

“I have brought my poem in case I can read it,” says Isabel behind a black mask with the women in the mural printed in purple. The poet, who defines herself as “Hernandiana”, by Miguel Hernández wrote in 2014 ‘Amanar’, a text to a girl who had been raped by “four beasts”: “I was very impressed. This is not a violation, but it is a violation of rights, “he says, looking at the mural, which, he says, he visited this morning, when he returned from Cantabria:” It gave me a very good feeling. You have to report what they did, there is no right to do something like that. ”

“What happened, how they left it,” Merce exclaims. The last time he saw the mural was a week ago and he had not returned here because he was on vacation: “It was all erased then, what a job.”

“The reception he’s having is absolutely incredible,” says Nuño, satisfied. The members of Unlogic have worked since Monday evening almost without a break and until the early hours of Friday to Saturday: “We have put in about 15 hours a day,” he says.

At sight, the mural is the same as the previous one, but different in its details: “It has more vivid colors, but it is due to the materials used,” Jorge comments. The Unlogic member appreciates that the neighbors have been so present despite being August: “It is the image that the district authorities did not want to see at the time of the execution and that has occurred today. They have shown that when fighting for something can be achieved, “he ends.

While Nuño speaks with this medium, the dance of assistants continues and among them is Leo, a four-year-old who has been an active part of the process. This afternoon he is on the shoulders of Cristóbal, his father: “We came from town a while ago and we have come here,” he says. This time the father and the son are accompanied by María, the mother: “They have hit a great deal. It turned out very well,” he admits. The family approached on Friday night to learn about the process as soon as possible: “I think it is important for Leo to see everything,” says María.

When 9:00 p.m. passes, some stragglers still resist leaving the “victory” scenario in front of the City Hall: “In the end, feminism is very difficult to destroy. There is always a will superior to all those who want to end it”, ditch Merce while reading the message on the wall that reads: ‘Abilities do not depend on your gender.’

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