Wednesday, March 22

The Netherlands eliminates the use of the mask and the mobility pass | Digital Trends Spanish

The Dutch authorities have suspended a series of health measures that they had taken to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The government of that country announced that it is going to eliminate the use of masks indoors, the mobility pass, social distance and teleworking, after the territory’s health experts affirmed that the omicron variant “has already reached its peak”.

At a press conference, the health minister, Ernst Kuipers, explained that these “relaxation” measures will be implemented from this week until February 25.

From now on, the use of a mask or social distance will not be necessary in places with less than 500 people. It also ends the limit of four guests in a house and full-time telecommuting.

Meanwhile, the days that an infected person must remain in isolation are reduced from seven to five days, as long as they spend at least 24 hours without experiencing symptoms of the disease.

Although the number of infections is still high in the Netherlands, Kuipers assured that “we are now more resistant to the virus thanks to the booster dose.”

There are currently 1,651 COVID-19 patients in the country’s hospitals, representing 8 percent more admissions compared to last week. However, there is a 19 percent decrease in referrals to the ICU, where there are currently 181 patients.

It is likely that this plan to eliminate health measures announced by the Dutch government will also be applied by other European countries.

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