Thursday, May 19

The neural network that generates infinite images of sinister clowns | Digital Trends Spanish

Movies and popular culture have been in charge of showing clowns as sinister creatures, almost like the main protagonists of all children’s nightmares. Now, a YouTube channel uses these characters to show a neural network.

It is a video created by the Artificial Nightmares channel, where several clowns appear that remind us of the book Item by Stephen King. In fact, the creators themselves acknowledge that they were inspired by the feared Pennywise when developing this record.

The video shows a neural network that repeatedly generates several images of clowns, a kind of sinister loop that seems to never end. According to their description, the images were generated using three machine learning algorithms: VQGAN, CLIP, and Rife-RealESRGAN, which use text-based prompts to create the images.

“The video is a good example of the surreal images that neural networks can come up with when they try to approximate real-life images, like clowns, with which they have been trained,” says a Article of Futurism.

In recent times, several artists have used neural networks to project a wide variety of images especially inspired by characters from popular culture, such as the members of The Simpson. The video also shows that artificial intelligence has no limits when creating these curious figures.

For the same reason, many wonder what other sinister or disturbing image could be generated from the neural network.

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