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The new Amazon Echo Buds arrive with support of Alexa in Spanish | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon today presented us with a new way to use and enjoy Alexa on the go with the launch of the new Echo Buds with Alexa support in Spanish. The devices feature premium audio design for crisp and balanced sound, custom-designed active noise cancellation technology, wireless charging capabilities, and – of course – hands-free access to Alexa.

Customizable fit for all-day comfort

Yes: The world of headphones is super cool, but the new Echo Buds come with too many remarkable features to be considered just “one more headphones.” They’re small, lightweight, and IPX4-rated to withstand splashes, sweat, or light rain. In addition, they are designed to be comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. Its ear cushions contribute to this, and the built-in vents reduce ear pressure during use, making the Echo Buds fit naturally in the ear, ideal for long periods of use during the day.

Dynamic audio experience with active noise cancellation

Built with a high-performance driver in each earbud, Echo Buds deliver crisp, balanced sound with extended dynamic range, all to help you get the most out of your music. Premium speakers are optimized for greater fidelity in bass and treble, reducing distortion during the playback of your music, making it more vibrant while the words flow with total clarity when you use them to talk on the phone, Zoom or WhatsApp .

Amazon’s active noise cancellation technology uses internal and external microphones to intelligently estimate sound pressure at the eardrum, which directly correlates with how you hear noise around you, generating an inverse signal and canceling unwanted noise.

To turn Active Noise Canceling on or off, just press the earbud… or just ask Alexa! With ambient mode activated, you can also easily adjust the amount of ambient sound you hear through the device settings in the Alexa app on your phone.

With the Echo Buds you can also easily access all the content you know and love from Alexa, from anywhere. Just ask him to listen to your Kindle book, or find your next favorite artist on Amazon Music, among other streaming services. In addition – and although you can already ask Alexa for podcast recommendations – soon you will be able to listen to the podcasts that you follow on Amazon Music just by saying: “Alexa, recommend me a podcast.” You can also ask Alexa to play music for a specified period of time. When you want to take your pet for a walk, just say, “Alexa, put on some relaxing music for 15 minutes.” When the music stops, you’ll know it’s time to go home.

Ready to work or play

The Echo Buds offer up to five hours of music playback on a single charge with active noise cancellation and hands-free access, and the compact carrying case provides two additional charges for a total of 15 hours of music playback. If you’re in a rush, a 15-minute quick charge will give you up to two hours of playback. To check the battery status while using the Echo Buds, simply say, “Alexa, what is my battery level?” Or open the case while your Echo Buds are inside – LED lights in front of each earbud will show battery status. The Echo Buds can be charged via USB-C or a Qi-certified wireless charging pad.

Echo Buds connect to Alexa through the app on your mobile device, using your device’s data plan to access features like music, calls, and more. They are built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls, including the ability to mute the microphones with the Alexa app or via customizable touch controls.

Set up Echo Buds in Spanish

Your Echo Buds will be linked to the language that you have enabled for Alexa in the App. To change the language in your app, visit the menu “More” (More), “Settings” (Settings), click on “Settings of the app. Alexa ”(Alexa App Settings) and change the language to“ Spanish (United States) ”. From that moment on, Alexa on your mobile phone and on your Echo Buds will understand and speak in Spanish.

Price and availability

The new Echo Buds come in black and white and are available for sale starting today, Wednesday, November 10 in the US, but it is certain that they will soon be available in more countries. They are priced at $ 139.99 for the wireless charging option, and $ 119.99 for the USB-C wired charging option.

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