Monday, September 25

The New Batman Trailer Has A Secret Riddler Website | Digital Trends Spanish

The new trailer for The batman He introduced the Riddler in two ways: one through the dialogue and voice of actor Paul Dano, and another with a website of the character and whose access clue was within the promotional video.

The last screen of the trailer, in which the credits appear, also showed some strange symbols at the bottom. The meaning of these had already been decoded in 2020 when they were seen for the first time in another video, so now it was not necessary to investigate too much.

The symbols say “you are the winged rat”, but that “you are the” is the same URL pronunciation in English. Therefore, is the secret website of the Riddler, which is designed as if it were type DOS, with a black background and green letters above it.

Of course, there are riddles on the website: three riddle questions (and in English) that when solved correctly reveal the truth. In this case, it’s three Batman sketches, but according to the Gotham City Police Department, these images represent a suspect sighting form signed by Officer Noble; in all three you see what appears to be the spoken portrait of the bat man.

The sketches show a rather sad Batman, in what could well be a preview of this version of the superhero played by Robert Pattinson. The batman It will hit theaters exclusively on March 4, 2022, and judging by this secret website, there will be more footage ready to be discovered in the future.

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