Wednesday, January 19

The new from LG is a curious vertical and almost square monitor to avoid neck pain

LG has officially announced a new monitor with an unusual aspect ratio: 16:18. It is thus a vertical panel that promises an experience similar to that of using two conventional 21.5-inch monitors, one on top of the other.

According to the company, this format “helps reduce head movements that cause neck pain”, common pain when we work in front of the PC. Regardless of its usefulness, It is a monitor with 2,560 x 2,888 pixels resolution, with Nano IPS technology and support for HDR10.

It is not square, but almost

The LG DualUp Monitor is the company’s first with a 16:18 aspect ratio, almost square. It is a vertical format panel with 2,560 x 2,880 resolution, whose name has been baptized by the Korean company as “Square Double QHD”.

Instead of using two monitors, LG’s idea is that you have a single one similar to having two 21.5-inch monitors stacked

LG’s goal, he says, is that this format “helps reduce side-to-side head movements, the main cause of neck pain.” In other words, the plan is that instead of having one monitor next to another, have a monitor equivalent to two stacked 21.5 monitors, a curious idea.

The screen has a surface area of ​​27.6 inches diagonally, with a maximum brightness of 300 nits and a DCI-P3 color gamut. It comes with an included ELG Ergo stand, which allows for height adjustment and holds the monitor from the side.

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There is no news yet on the price of this monitor, but we will have more details on January 4, in his virtual presentation of CES 2022.