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The new Mercedes-Benz will warn of dangers on the road | Digital Trends Spanish

Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled an ingenious application of communications technology Car-to-X (Auto-AX), which can alert vehicle users to dangerous road imperfections.

It will be available immediately in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, S-Class and EQS, which will be able to detect these imperfections when the sudden compression and rebound of the suspension reach a certain value that indicates, through an algorithm, that the car has just passed over a potentially dangerous pavement imperfection, such as a pothole or speed bump. At that time, the vehicles as long as they have the communication service Car-to-X active, they send the information to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud in real time via the car’s mobile phone network.

The central system of Mercedes-Benz informs other vehicles of the brand that circulate in the area as long as they have the technology activated, which will show their drivers the imperfections in the road through icons on the map of the navigation system. The car will sound an audible warning signal about 10 seconds before the pothole or speed stop is reached.

About three million vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz from 2016 onwards will also be able to receive the warning information, provided they have an account. Mercedes me and have enabled the communication service Car-to-X. However, in the case of older vehicles, the system will warn the driver that there is a “Traffic Event Ahead”, while in the newer C-Class, S-Class and EQS, the warning will be specific about the type of imperfection, being able to say Be careful, pothole! » or “Attention, speed bump”, which you can do in 36 languages ​​in various markets worldwide.

Mercedes-Benz also offers other communication-based functions Car-to-X such as the «Crosswind Assist», which is activated when the vehicle detects strong crosswinds that may affect the vehicle’s handling, helping the driver with specific braking and steering interventions, which notifies the event to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud so you can warn other drivers about the event. The comunications Car-to-X Mercedes-Benz also warn about the risk of skidding, construction on the road, vehicles stopped on the road, reduced visibility, accidents, heavy rain,

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