Friday, July 30

The new Minister of Territorial Policy will maintain the “direction” of dialogue with Catalonia undertaken by Sánchez

A man from La Mancha to pilot the relationship with Catalonia. That was a reading of the extensive remodeling of the Government that Pedro Sánchez undertook on Saturday. Isabel Rodríguez lands in Madrid as a spokesperson for the Government and also as Minister of Territorial Policy. Its competence will be the relationship with the autonomous communities and, therefore, activate the relations with the Generalitat that the president already launched after his arrival in Moncloa and that has been reinforced in recent weeks with the granting of pardons to the leaders independentistas. His proximity to the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, who is the baron of the PSOE most critical of the government’s attitude towards independence, made his appointment even more striking. But Rodríguez has made it clear that he will maintain the same roadmap.

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“In this task to work on territorial policy there has not been a change of direction. It is about recovering a path of dialogue with a clear objective: to improve the coexistence of Catalan society,” he expressed in the press conference after his first meeting of the Council of Ministers in which he has made his debut as spokesperson. “Channels, tools have been opened and you have to know how to take advantage of them,” he said in reference to the dialogue table that Sánchez and the president of the Government, Pere Aragonès, have promised to reactivate the third week of September.

For now, Rodríguez only has on his agenda the tribute to the victims of COVID-19, which the entire Government will attend this Thursday at the Royal Palace and the conference of presidents on July 30 in Salamanca. Thus, he has acknowledged that he does not know if there is already a date for the meeting of the bilateral commission between the State and Catalonia that Sánchez and Aragonès also agreed to meet this month. It has yet to land in the Ministry of Territorial Policy because it has recognized that its priority these days has been to prepare for the appearance before journalists.

Nor has he wanted to comment on whether he shares Iceta’s roadmap for an agreement on self-government and financing to be voted in Catalonia. “I will not act in any case, as a spokesperson for this Government, interpreting the words of other ministers. Allow me not to enter to value the opinions of the ministers,” Rodríguez said in a declaration of intent taking into account the precedents of misunderstandings in the within the coalition. She, he said, will limit herself to “giving an account of the agreed issues and setting a political position.”

What he did want to make clear is that it is necessary “to speak of Catalonia in other terms”, such as, for example, its industrial leadership in matters such as the automobile sector, as it has said coinciding with the approval of the automotive PERTE.

“This is perhaps not talked about much in the M-30 for inside [h expresado en una referencia a la aversión que puede haber en la capital hacia Catalunya], but the affective ties of La Mancha with the Catalans are many “.” Unfortunately, in other periods many La Mancha had to go to a more industrialized environment like Catalonia, “he said before assuring that there are” many affective ties “and insist on his admiration for the “industrial development” of the region.

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