Thursday, December 7

The new mobile app of the NBA is equal to TikTok | Digital Trends Spanish

The NBA has made a renewal of its mobile application, and showed its newly redesigned option for Android and iOS. The most particular thing is that it looks quite similar to TikTok.

An important part of its individualized user experience is a “For You” vertical video feed that will showcase NBA game highlights with “behind-the-scenes access to players and teams,” NBA-related programming, influencers and partner channels like Turner Sports and Bleacher Report.

Another modern social media feature that the new NBA app includes is its “stories.” Like Snapchat, Instagram, and others, it has a horizontal selection of expiring videos showing top plays or dunks and other NBA-related news. Of course, the app will show live streams of games and media days.

The NBA also has a new membership program. Dubbed NBA ID, this free membership will offer access to exclusive content such as pre- and post-game press conferences and shows, ticket promotions, prizes won through fantasy game sweepstakes, exclusive voting campaigns and more.

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