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The new pilot plan for basic income in Catalonia will have an initial budget of four million

The new pilot plan on the Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Catalonia will have four million euros in the next budget project of the Generalitat. As has learned from Government sources, the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró has included this item in the draft of the law that will be sent to the Parliament next Tuesday to begin its debate. Giró’s goal is to have the law approved so that it comes into force on January 1 of next year.

The draft of the Catalan Budgets does not foresee touching any tax

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The four million that will be budgeted in this matter should serve for a first deployment of the Office of the Pilot Plan for Universal Basic Income, created last October and which depends directly on the Ministry of the Presidency. Basically, it is about carrying out “the study and methodological design work of the pilot plan”, with the aim that it begins to work before December 2022, they explain from the Executive.

The basic income pilot plan, an economic policy that consists of guaranteeing a minimum monthly payment and without conditions to all citizens, is part of the investiture agreement with the CUP and is divided into three phases. The first, scheduled for this first year, foresees the “study of the best options for social income policies for the eradication of poverty, including the design of a pilot plan to implement the UBI in one or more age groups and the beginning of life. the necessary adaptations to carry it out (legislative, if necessary, and budgetary) “.

From there, the second phase would arrive, which would consist of the experiment itself, which is expected to be carried out throughout the years 2023 and 2024. In 2025, at the end of the term, the evaluation of the plan would arrive.

One of the main issues to be resolved during the design phase is the amount of income, which could be based on the poverty line index, and then the population profile to be piloted. Regarding the latter, the intention of the Government is for it to be a selection of two age groups – one younger, the other older – from all over Catalonia.

With this departure, the Government, in the middle of the negotiation phase of the accounts with the CUP, wants to show its commitment to this basic income plan by starting the office, at which it has placed Sergi Raventós. This sociologist from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) wrote his thesis on basic income in cases of economic inequality and mental health problems and has dedicated a large part of his professional career to research and analysis of this novel economic policy.

The pilot plan is conceived as a political experiment but, due to the number of inhabitants of Catalonia, it could become one of the most numerous that has been carried out in the world. Precisely this week the co-president of the Global Basic Income Network, Guy Standing, was in Barcelona and met with President Pere Aragonès and Raventós.

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