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The new Plaza de España in Madrid will open on November 22

On February 26, 2018, the most ambitious remodeling project that Madrid has undertaken in recent times officially began: that of the new Plaza España and the entire environment that surrounds it. Today we already know what the completion date of the works will be, at least for the most part: on Monday, November 22, the Madrid City Council will open this renovated space in the city center to the public.

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From that date on, Madrid residents will be able to walk from Gran Vía to the Debob temple or the Royal Palace without going through a single zebra crossing and cyclists can climb from the Cuesta de San Vicente or circulate from East to West in the area by a continuous bike path. An improvement in mobility that is complemented by the opening of a tunnel for traffic of more than one kilometer that connects Bailén street with Ferraz and Luisa Fernanda streets.

The Works area is working on the last auctions that allow this space to be opened to the public in the penultimate week of November, just before the Christmas lighting that will foreseeably take place around the 25th. It will be time to enjoy this space of 70,000 square meters that it will have a large central plaza, children’s play areas, a thousand trees planted and a new mobility.

The works will end with almost a year of delay compared to the 21 months initially foreseen – they started during Carmena’s mandate – a delay that is mainly due to the discovery of several areas with archaeological remains of interest, which will be museumized. Along the way, the stoppage due to the pandemic and the passing of the storm Filomena did not help to finish the work on time either. The final bill will be around 75 million euros for the City Council, after the 20% increase that the changes in the project have brought about due to the findings and their corresponding adaptations to show what remains of the Godoy Palace, the walls of the old Barracks. San Gil or various buttresses of the Sabatini Gardens.

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