Thursday, December 2

The new program that will replace Windows Media Player arrives | Digital Trends Spanish

The story of the Windows Media Player is slowly coming to an end, as a new application is being tested in Windows 11 that will replace both the WMP and the Grove Music application.

This will have a name very similar to the previous one, since until now it is called Media Player. The idea of ​​the Microsoft team in creating this new program is none other than “to make the experience of watching and listening to content in Windows 11 more enjoyable,” writes Dave Grochoki in the Windows blog.

With Media Player it should be easier to navigate the user’s local file library, as well as create playlists or use those that have already been created, as they will be added automatically with the new application that has support for both audio and video.

The new Media Player comes with a new design for when used in the mini, with images of the artist in reproduction that occupy the entire small frame of the window. It also comes with some accessibility options, ranging from keyboard shortcuts to support for other controls and technologies.

The application is available for now in the Windows Insiders version of the new operating system, although it could soon make the jump to all other Windows 11 users. This does not mean that the old Windows Media Player or Groove Music disappear immediately, as they will continue to be available. Either way, both may have their days numbered, just as other Microsoft programs have in the past.

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