Sunday, April 2

The new season of Fortnite eliminates the construction | Digital Trends Spanish

The new delivery has arrived Fortnite, one of the most popular video games today. This is chapter three of season two, which has received as title Resistance.

The developer Epic Games released a trailer where it showed some of the main novelties of this installment and which shows what are the forces involved that must be faced on the island of Fortniteas well as a wizard from the Marvel universe.

One of the main novelties that the most recent update presents is that the construction was removed, at least momentarily. This was one of the elements that most characterizes the game, so its removal will drastically change the games.

Either way, this build-free mode will only last a few days and should be back soon. To compensate for this change, there are new parkour mechanics and an additional shield that players can use to defend themselves.

Among the novelties also stand out the incorporation of airships to explore and new tanks to drive, as well as a wide variety of new weapons. Also, those who donate enough gold during this season will be able to unlock a drivable version of the remembered battle bus, which many have compared to the vehicles that appear in the saga. Mad Max.

Among the characters that players will be able to unlock is Dr. Strange, whose release is tied to the arrival of the MCU character in theaters in a new movie scheduled for May.

It should be remembered that Epic Games announced that it will donate two weeks of its profits to support humanitarian efforts related to Ukraine, a period that runs from March 20 to April 3.

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