Wednesday, October 4

The new supplement for long contribution careers reaches 98,000 pensions in March

Social Security has paid this March for the first time the new supplement for “long contribution careers”, created in the pension reform. The measure has reached “about 98,000” benefits, the Ministry led by José Luis Escrivá reported in a note, with a total amount of “2.8 million euros”. In previous estimates, Social Security calculated that the supplement could reach some 213,000 people, more than double those recognized this month. “There are still pensions to be reviewed” that may benefit from the measure, they respond to at the Ministry.

The Supreme Court recognizes men the right to retroactively collect the maternity supplement of the pension

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The ‘plus’ in question, intended for people who retired early with “long retirement careers”, was included in an additional provision in the first block of the pension reform, approved at the end of the year. The legislation included this supplement for people who had retired early between 2002 and 2021 with careers of at least 44 years and six months of contributions, or 40 years or more of contributions if the amount of the pension was less than 900 euros per month .

How much is the add-on? It depends on the case. Its amount is determined by the difference between the pensions recognized for this group and the one that would have resulted if the new reduction coefficients included in the pension reform had been applied to the initial pension, which were somewhat improved for long trading runs. The plus is paid in 14 installments, like retirement benefits.

Associations of pensioners with long contribution careers, such as Asjubi40, called for the early retirement of workers with careers of more than 40 years of contributions to be decriminalized. The Ministry studied the issue, summoned by the Toledo Pact, but discarded it, since it considered that it could suppose a “comparative grievance” with other pensioners. Finally, the pension reform included two measures for the group, after going through parliamentary processing: the most favorable reduction coefficients when they retire early and this new supplement for those who had already retired between 2002 and December 2021.

Not all beneficiaries have been closed yet

The Ministry of Social Security estimated, based on some preliminary calculations, that the supplement would be applicable to around 237,000 early retirees with long contribution careers, but that around 24,000 would be excluded from the measure for receiving the maximum pension recognized in the system, of 2,819 euros per month in 2022. Therefore, the estimated beneficiaries remained at around 213,000, as reported by various media. From Asjubi40, who do not share the measure, they believe that the number of retirees who will receive it will be lower, since they consider that the criteria for their allocation are “very restrictive”.

Ministry sources respond to this medium that there are still more people who may benefit from the measure, since “there are still pensions to be reviewed.”

The legislation provided that the supplement would be recognized ex officio by Social Security, within a maximum period of three months from the entry into force of the rule. That is, on April 1. The Ministry has met the deadlines for these 98,000 pensions, to which it has paid the plus for the first time in the March payroll, and it remains to be seen how many more people benefit from the measure in the following April income.