Friday, February 23

The new Tomb Raider trilogy is free on the Epic Games store | Digital Trends Spanish

The recent video game trilogy of tomb Raider it has been widely praised and for good reason. And if by chance there are still people who have not played any of the three, then you should take advantage of that the Epic Games Store is giving them all away.

Until next January 6, 2022, Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider Y Shadow of the Tomb Raider They will be completely free at Epic Games. All are the most complete versions that can be and include various extras and downloadable content, which would normally sell for around $ 30 or $ 40 dollars.

This trilogy of games by tomb Raider It was highly praised by critics and users in general. All three titles have quite high production values, including the first one that was released for the old and old PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And the next two games that continued the Lara Croft story kept the same level, adding extra details to gameplay or expanding playable scenarios.

A curious detail of these games of tomb Raider is that they were very inspired by the series Uncharted; These are basically third person shooter games in which there is also some melee combat and also a good amount of puzzles, exploration and platforming areas.

Now, the striking thing is that Uncharted since its inception it took many influences from the originals tomb Raider that began in the 90s, in the generation of the first PlayStation. But since everything is cyclical in video games, it seems natural that Crystal Dynamics was inspired by the saga that was inspired by its previous work.

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