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The new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections is a constant déjà vu | Digital Trends Spanish

Warner Bros. released a new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, Although it does not last very long, it is enough to draw some conclusions about what will be seen in the next film.

The trailer titled “Déjà vu” shows several scenes from the original The Matrix that they will have a luck of remake in the new installment. For example, Neo’s awakening in the real world by being disconnected from the machines that keep him on a fictional plane (¿Matrix predicted the metaverse?) and that at the same time reveal that these same devices are still the ones that dominate everything.

The trailer also features the new Morpheus suspended in midair, just like in the original film, but now in a different setting. Trinity’s awakening is repeated, as well as other iconic scenes such as Neo’s when his mouth disappears, although apparently in this film the character that suffers from this situation will be another.

The advances seen so far from The Matrix Resurrections They give the impression that the film will be, first of all, a kind of tribute to the first installment of the trilogy. According to its creators, Resurrections, more than a continuation like Matrix Reloaded or Matrix Revolutions, will extend the specific narrative arc of the 1999 film.

Matrix Revolutions It is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, in addition to having many fans trying to resolve some doubts that are in the air, such as why both protagonists are still alive after the – Alert of spoiler– end of the trilogy. Or what is the reason why the Morpheus of Resurrections is a different actor and if it has something to do with the events of The Matrix Online, a dark video game that happened without much glory but whose events are considered canon.

The film starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss will be released on December 24 in the United States.

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