Thursday, January 27

The new variant of coronavirus gives Pharmamar a chance

The last phase of the trial of the Aplidin against the coronavirus contemplates its administration in three hospitals in South Africa, according to the technical data sheet of the study published by Pharamamar in the FDA of the USA.

The biopharmaceutical has not yet closed any of the three hospitals in the African country that will participate in the study, but the new variant may speed up the process.

The virulence of this new strain is high, its expansion is rapid with a high contagion capacity, which is key to increasing the number of hospitalizations.

Aplidin is indicated for patients with moderate symptoms who require hospitalization and the history of the pandemic indicates that the greater the number of cases, the greater the hospitalizations.

Aplidin can verify its efficacy against the variants

The strain detected in South Africa, although it has not yet been verified that it is native to this country, it seems that it has given rise to dozens of variants.

Laboratory studies of Aplidin showed that the drug was effective against any mutation of the coronavirus.

At the time of presentation of results, collected by the journal Science in January of this year, the most widespread new variants were alpha, delta and gamma, mainly.

The new wave of coronavirus plays in favor of Aplidin in Europe

Despite this fact, the titles of Aplidin They are listed in red on the IBEX 35 after mid-session, a fall of 0.5 percent, but they are among those that fall the least in a selective completely tinted in red.

The new variant, which threatens to reach Europe in the short term, joins the sixth wave of the coronavirus that the northern countries of the world are already experiencing. Old continent.

Its extension towards the south seems unstoppable, something that the markets also discount, but it also becomes beneficial for the Aplidin.

France and Spain main focus

France, where the sixth wave is already beginning to circulate strongly and there is less than 70 percent of the population vaccinated, it is the first country where Pharmamar has closed all hospitals to Neptuno, as the study is known.

Following the success, Pharmamar opened a fourth hospital with which it is in negotiations to close the recruitment. Regarding Spain, 75 percent of the hospitals are already signed and beginning to recruit volunteers.

The May Handicap of Pharmamar in Spain is the high volume of vaccination, a world reference. In addition, the campaign for the administration of the third dose is making steady progress.

In the rest of Europe Hospital recruitment is also progressing, as in the case of Romania where 6 of the possible 7 are already closed, but in Greece and Turkey they still have none of the possible five in both cases.

Latin America, the main stumbling block

Despite progress in Europe, the study stagnates in Latin America, which represents 50 percent of the participating countries.

The confirmed hospitals have been stagnant for two months, as can be seen from the latest modification of the technical file of the study carried out by Pharmamar this week.

The ‘biotech’ continues without closing any of the four centers contemplated in Peru, Brazil and Argentina provide a center each of the 8 and 7 raised respectively, while in Mexico and Colombia there are 3 out of 6 possible in both cases.

Pharmamar needs Latin America

The president of the biopharmaceutical company, Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa, took advantage of an Ibero-American scientific forum to ask the region for help.

“We need Latin America to move forward with Neptune. For this reason, I take advantage of this platform to ask the countries of the region for help to join the project, ”said Fernández Sousa.

It was in said forum when the first number of treaties was known: 36 of 609 target, for which Fernández Sousa recognized the setback in the evolution of the study that has delayed its conclusion by 6 months, until March 2022.