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The new wave of Madrid that never gets old

Momeñe is not only one of the great portraitists of the Movida Madrileña, but also an essayist and professor of photographers. This is his work ‘Die welt ist schön’, from 1980.

Eduardo Momeñe

Miguel Trillo, the great photographer of urban tribes, has been capturing youth aesthetics for decades. In the 80s, he portrayed those who wore the best ‘pints’ on the doors of concerts or El Rastro, as in this image, a Cibachrome from 1983.

Miguel Trillo

Black and white, rockers, sideburns, street, motorcycles, tattoos, morbid. All that is García Alix. You don’t have to be in your photos to find him, but in this case it’s literal. ‘Self-portrait without a motorcycle’, photograph by García Alix from 1989

Alberto Garcia Alix

Gouache on ‘Untitled’ paper, painted by Carlos Sánchez Pérez, artistically known as Ceesepe, in 1984. The painter, so emblematic of the eighties postmodernism, died in 2018 at the age of 60.


Despite the fact that the 1980s went down in history as an explosion of color, the most representative photograph of the time was taken in black and white, underlining the ‘underground’ character of the early years. In this case, the teacher Momeñe portrays Alicia Baldwin in 1982

Eduardo Momeñe

The influence of European comics and video is undeniable on New Wave artists. The Madriz magazine, where José Manuel Nuevo published, as well as Calonge, Keko, Ana Juan, Raúl or Federico del Barrio, helped to fix the imaginary. This illustration is titled ‘Music Producers’ (1981).

Jose Manuel New

The photographer Juan Ramón Yuste, who died in 2010, cultivated with special enthusiasm the Cibachrome, a plastic paper to posit slides. This fiery image is ‘Clavelinas’

Juan Ramon Yuste

Another electric Cibrachrome by Yuste, made in 1982, with the name of the magazine created by Óscar Mariné.

Juan Ramon Yuste

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