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The next Alfa Romeo Giulia will be electric only | Digital Trends Spanish

An Automotive News Europe report confirms that the next generation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia will be unique and completely electric. This represents a relief for the followers of the historic Italian brand who doubted the continuity of the model.

Although the current generation of the Giulia, produced for almost seven years, is one of the best-handling sports sedans available today, the worldwide fever for crossover trucks and SUVs, which paradoxically has conferred great success on its companion platform the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, has made its continuity doubtful.

But according to Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo quoted by Automotive News Europe, the Giulia will go ahead as an electric vehicle. “We are not going to abandon the Giulia,” Imparato told Automotive News Europe during a tour of the Stellantis factory in Pomigliano d’Arco outside Naples. “There will be a future Giulia, and it will be an exclusively electric model.”

Although Imparato did not say when it would arrive, we know that it will not happen immediately. For now, the novelties of the Giulia are limited to a new updated model that is already being tested and that should debut this year as a 2023 model. In any case, the electric Giulia should arrive no later than 2027, which is the year that Alfa determined for its full transition to electric mobility.

The electric Giulia is not the only electric product that Alfa prepares. Imparato told Automotive News Europe that the company he heads plans to launch an as-yet-unnamed all-electric SUV larger than the Stelvio that would become the brand’s first flagship crossover.

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