Monday, December 5

The next iPhone SE promises a radical change in appearance | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple is reportedly bringing back the design of the iPhone XR for the next one iPhone SE. The report comes from prominent analyst Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSSC) via MacRumors. Young had previously believed that the fourth-generation iPhone SE would have an Android-style hole-punch cutout on the front and a screen size that would range between 5.7-inches and 6.1-inches.

Young now hopes Apple will stick to a 6.1-inch design, while bringing the notch to an iPhone SE model for the first time. The phone is expected to be based on an iPhone XR, with Apple keeping the iPhone SE’s rear camera as a solo act for the fourth year in a row. No OLED or ProMotion expected here either, reportedly. And with the notch making an appearance, we can safely assume that the next iPhone SE will support Face ID instead of Touch ID. There’s simply no room for the traditional Touch ID sensor on the body of the iPhone XR, and recent reporting by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg notes that Apple has no appetite for incorporating Touch ID into the power button on iPhones like it does on iPads. .

The iPhone SE line has typically been one with its feet firmly in the past, offering iPhone connoisseurs the opportunity to keep their favorite designs longer than their expiration dates. The original SE revived the design of the iPhone 5, while the 2020 and 2022 SEs brought back the iPhone 8. While the iPhone XR still looks somewhat contemporary, its rounded edges and wider notch will likely ensure you don’t mistake it for a iPhone XR. new “real” iPhone.

If the next SE is anything like an XR, it will also end the iPhone SE’s streak of being the cheapest and smallest iPhone you can buy. While all the older SEs were small, that was more a function of the devices they were based on than anything else. As Apple moves to the iPhone XR for the SE series and the Plus line for the mainline iPhones, it’s unlikely we’ll see a proper small iPhone again for a while.

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