Saturday, March 25

The NFL could have its own mobile streaming platform | Digital Trends Spanish

Matches and radio programs would be some of the content that the streaming platform of the National Football League (NFL) would offer. The idea was put on the table in Palm Beach, Florida, within the framework of the annual meeting of the owners of American football teams.

The subscription service would also include podcasts and content from the 32 squads that animate the regular season, reported The Athletic. Just as Apple TV, Paramount or Disney did, the name would be NFL Plus, according to slides presented to team presidents at The Breakers complex.

The project, supplemented the version according to a manager who requested the reserve of his identity, “is incipient and will probably not be ready for the vote of the owners” until the next meeting scheduled for May 2022.

The Athletic noted that the NFL’s agreements to broadcast live games for free via mobile devices, tablets and laptops “have expired.” Thus, NLF Plus would be born as an alternative for those who do not have a contract with a pay TV provider.

“Any streaming launch could be tied to the NFL’s negotiations to potentially sell a portion of NFL Media to a technology partner like Apple or Amazon,” sports media analyst Lee Berke said.

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