Wednesday, December 8

The Nicaraguan goat urns



The Nicaraguan goat party –and ma’am– ended before it started. Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, in a last attempt to impose their will, bet on giving a free bar in the elections and lifting the ban on drinking alcohol. The temptation to immerse oneself in a state of drunkenness, which prevents us from seeing the tragic reality of Nicaragua, was great, but much more was the desire for democracy and to conquer it, one had to be sober.

In the second poorest country on the continent (Haiti always leads the way), people preferred on Sunday to open their eyes, close their hands and fight the regime that incarcerated the real opponents, with their abstention. According to the Open Urns Citizen Observatory, at least 79

percent avoided participating in that little theater of votes, wrinkled by previous fraud, and at most it was 84 percent of the electoral roll that defended themselves from the electoral farce by staying at home.

The cheap victory of the dictator and the dictator – he rides so much, he rides so much – is an announced failure that will translate into evidence of more hunger and misery. The United States sharpens the pencil of sanctions, which are none other than forcing the suspension of credits from international financial organizations, reviewing or canceling the Free Trade Agreement (Cafta) and convincing its allies to tighten the economic and political siege of a a government that, ironies of history, does not shake the consciences of those “progressive” presidents of Ibero-America who resuscitate the eternal condemnation of their dictatorships of the last century.

While these remain mute, the former such as Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazil), Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica), Ricardo Lagos (Chile) and Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia) called for the isolation of Nicaragua and its suspension from the OAS. The initiative is something, but doing it while Venezuela is still within the OAS and Cuba has its doors open, gives food for thought.

Daniel Ortega and Mrs., those from the Sandinista revolution, went to vote and drive through Managua in a Mercedes Benz. For them, democracy goes smoothly ‘made in Germany’, for the rest, it is death disguised as an accident in a banana republic.

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