Monday, August 8

The Nice restaurant’s crusade against the rudeness of potential customers: “The tension is unbearable”

The Nice Restaurant in Valladolid has reported a new uncomfortable situation with potential customers. “The tension is unbearable”, they lament through Twitter.

On Saturday night a worker received a homophobic insult from a potential client. According to the restaurant’s story, a group asked for a table for six people and knowing that the restaurant was full, one of the customers called the waiter “faggot.”


-Sorry that?-. And he makes a gesture to hit him. One of the group takes him out into the street.

The event caused anxiety in the local worker, who had to face “two other situations in which the education of the diners was conspicuous by its absence.”

“The level of rudeness that we have to endure and the tension that is breathed is unbearable. And silence is not the solution. It is clear that we need to work but not at any price. Please respect our work. If you don’t go out to relax, don’t go out ”, the owner has protested through social networks.

From the restaurant they have preferred not to make statements to the press and assure that they continue “working” despite everything.

It is not the first time that the Nice restaurant has made public its reproaches for the disrespect of potential customers. When the bars and restaurants were opened and the mask was mandatory inside except for eating and drinking, the restaurant was rigorously compliant with the norm: customers had to remove the mask to drink or eat and put it back on after each drink or bite. This cost him negative opinions on the internet that Nice made public to justify that what they were doing was complying with the provisions of the COVID control regulations.

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