Sunday, August 7

The notch, even in the soup: Meta’s smartwatch with a high-resolution front camera is filtered

Yesterday was the big day of Facebook, now with the name of Meta. Were announced the company’s plans with the metaverse, important announcements like the development of GTA San Andreas in virtual reality and future mixed reality devices, such as Project Cambria.

What Meta didn’t mention is the next smartwatch they’re working on, which just leaked. As we read in Bloomberg, will have a front camera that will force you to have a notch. It will be an LTE smart watch, with the usual functionalities of this type of product.

First possible image of Meta’s clock

Information about Meta’s clock has been ringing for months. On February 14 the first data arrived: Facebook was preparing its smartwatch, integrated with its ecosystem and with sports functions. In June the clock leaked It would have a front camera and detachable screen And now, the watch design has been unveiled.

The clock notch houses a 1080p camera for conferences, video calls, photo and video recording, etc.

The source indicates that this image has appeared within Facebook’s own official app to control its Ray-Ban Stories, showing a Fitbit-style clock and with a notch on its screen. This would be Facebook’s smartwatch, with a 1080p front camera, a second camera underneath (as it could be removed from the box), and LTE connectivity.

Its codename aims to be Milan, and it would connect to the phone to be able to send you the videos and photos you record. Similarly, sports features and a strong messaging component are expected, in order to compete with rivals like the Apple Watch.

This watch is expected see the light next year, in a 2022 starring the Meta hardware since the arrival of this watch in three variants and the new Cambria virtual reality device is expected.

Via | Bloomberg