Wednesday, January 19

The number of interested in Bitcoin instead of shares grows

A Civic Science published last Monday (6), the results of his latest cryptocurrency survey. Among the most relevant questions is the growing interest in digital assets compared to traditional markets, as well as the conversion of shares to crypto.

In addition, the survey also pointed out the main reasons why people are buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Showing a growth in demand because it is an asset to protect against adverse conditions in the economy.

It should be noted that each question contains a different number of answers, as some are intended for a specific audience, such as those who own bonds and shares, for example. That said, the response number varies between 1,000 and 41,000.

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing

Through monthly surveys carried out since May this year, it is possible to see that more and more people are interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Civic Science report points out that while only 20% were interested in cryptocurrencies in May, this number is already around 32%.

Percentage of people interested in cryptocurrencies. Source: Civic Science

Furthermore, when asked which market they would invest if they had the means and skills to do so, the preference for cryptocurrencies grew 140% compared to June this year. As a result, interest in the traditional market dropped from 90 to 74% in the same period.

Percentage of those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. Source: Civic Science

The survey also shows that 7% of people have sold stocks or bonds to buy cryptocurrencies. Already 16% of them say they know someone who has already made this transition to the crypto-market. Despite this, the vast majority (79%) converted less than 50% of their capital, showing caution.

Reasons to buy Bitcoin

Another point addressed by the survey was the reasons why people are taking an interest in Bitcoin. Among the biggest changes since June is the growth in demand for protection against adverse conditions and the decrease in demand as it is an asset independent of government involvement.

Reasons why people are interested in cryptocurrencies. Source: Civic Science

The main reason remains the same, long-term investment, with 30%, followed by short-term investment (21%). This shows that people are looking for quick profits but are even more confident in the future of cryptocurrencies.