Sunday, December 5

The number of lifeless bodies recovered from the damaged boat in Trafalgar amounts to eight

Maritime Rescue has reported that during the search work this Saturday, the lifeless bodies of four members of the group of people who were traveling in the boat that was semi-sunk in Cape Trafalgar in Cádiz have been located.

In this way, the bodies located amount to eight, since this Friday another four bodies were rescued, and there are still 17 missing, after on Friday three people were also rescued alive and everything points to the fact that on board the patera A total of 28 traveled, as detailed by sources from Maritime Rescue to Europa Press.

These sources have also indicated that search efforts continue this Sunday in an area further southwest 55 miles from Cape Trafalgar.

Specifically, the Helimer 202 helicopter and the Salvamar Arcturus boat continue with the rescue tasks, in addition to the fact that navigators in the area are also being notified of these search tasks.

The operation started at 8:55 p.m. on Thursday, when a ship gave the alarm to the Maritime Rescue Center of Tarifa (Cádiz) when it found the semi-sunken vessel. Immediately, they proceed to mobilize the Helimer 202 helicopter, based in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), which has rescued two men alive and a corpse from this patera.