Monday, December 4

The number of missing in the detachment of a glacier in the Italian Alps decreases to five

The number of missing people has been reduced to five after the collapse of the Italian Marmolada glacier in the Alps, after locating eight people who were believed to be at the scene, according to the latest data released this Tuesday by emergency teams. .

The deceased are still seven, of which three are yet to be identified; while the wounded are eight. One of them has been discharged today from the hospital where he was admitted.

The emergency teams are still looking for five people who were allegedly in the place and who have not been heard from since that day, although the hopes of finding them alive, if they are under the glacier, are practically nil. All five are of Italian nationality.

The tragedy occurred last Sunday when a portion of the Marmolada glacier, 200 meters long, 60 wide and 30 thick, broke off down the mountain in the Dolomites, crushing everything in its path, after several days of high temperatures.

All access points to the mountain have been closed for security reasons and the search for the missing persons is carried out by air with drones, as it is feared that the high temperatures will cause a new collapse of the glacier.

Among the deceased there are three identified Italian victims: two alpine guides and a 27-year-old mountaineer, Filippo Bari, while there is also a Czech citizen and two other people who have not been identified.