Saturday, September 18

The number two of the Pope asks in an act with positions of the PP that the politicians foment “the meeting and the social friendship”

The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, has asked this Saturday in Madrid that politicians promote “social encounter and friendship” and has shown his “concern” against the trend that some “minority lifestyles in the vision they propose “becomes” almost a totem “capable of folding before itself the institutional representation of society” to feel politically correct.

“A concern that can easily arise when we realize how in our societies some lifestyles – often a minority, not only in terms of the people who share it, but also the vision they propose – become untouchable , almost a totem before which the legislator, the politician, the magistrate, the educator bow, perhaps only to feel “politically correct”, the high position of the Vatican has considered.

“Necessary social dialogue”

The Italian cardinal made these statements at the II International Meeting of Catholic Politicians on the Moncloa campus of CEU San Pablo University. At the event, which was attended by various positions of the PP, Parolin has emphasized the need for those who hold some kind of authority to exercise it inspired by concepts such as “social friendship and the culture of the meeting” although he has warned of that “the necessary social dialogue” could never replace the proper functions of authority since “the reins of the social order cannot be entrusted to a thought, to a dominant culture.”

Among the interventions of those present, the only one that has departed a little from this conciliatory tone has been that of Enrique Ossorio, the Minister of Education of the Community of Madrid. According to Religión DigitalOssorio has accused the socialist government of “imposing indoctrinating laws” and has encouraged those present at the meeting to “react to the secular drift”. “In the Community of Madrid we have made a master law of freedom of educational choice,” he defended, although his statements have not been widely applauded.

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