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The nurse who recorded hundreds of women in the Carlos III made videos of the same victims over the years

In their underwear, undressing or with a naked torso, SB victims who have already testified to the Police are surprised by the quality of the photos and videos that the friendly nurse who treated them when they went to the Occupational Health Center for years that the Carlos III University has on the Getafe and Leganés campuses. Arrested in July by the National Police, the nurse kept files on a computer of at least 200 women, teaching or administrative personnel, who had been treating him as just another colleague from the university for a decade, even though he was external personnel. “There are those who now say that they did not like it, but with me they were always attentive. They worried if they knew that you had taken a test. He was kind, perhaps a little bland,” says one of the victims to

SB is in his early forties and has spent the first part of the morning on weekdays on the Getafe campus of the Carlos III University over the last decade. So if any employee of the university, whether he was a teacher, a researcher or an administrator, needed his professional attention, there he was, in the room that communicated with a door with the doctor’s office. In that cabin, during the first weeks of each year, SB carried out several tests on Carlos III employees who decided to take advantage of the check-up offered by the university through Quirón, the external company that provides health services for which they worked as a nurse. and doctor.

Weight, lung capacity, blood tests … And electros, which implied that the staff had to take off their clothes in front of SB Nothing made the women suspect that for years, their partner had recorded them and then saved the images on the computer of his house, in files that were sometimes classified by name. Until in the middle of the separation process, SB’s wife appeared at the Aranjuez police station and told the police the secret she had discovered about her then husband.

Some victims believe that the videos could even be edited with an image treatment to blur the background, for example, and thus highlight the figure of each woman who was filming. In the files viewed so far, the victims appear with their clear faces, perfectly identifiable.

The Police believe they have located some 200 women, all from the two university campuses, in the numerous archives, which can number in the thousands, between videos and photos. The Judicial Police group from the Aranjuez police station will have a more exact figure when it finishes interviewing professors, professors, researchers or administrative staff, whom it has summoned for the next few days on both campuses or at the Madrid town police station itself.

This Tuesday, in the university facilities of Getafe, the Police summoned a score of twenty in a room where he showed them stills and offered them to watch the videos. Some agreed, others preferred to avoid the drink. It was enough to state that it was them. And that’s how they looked: in images, some from years ago, with different hairstyles, with some clothes that they no longer wear … and with their nudity. They testified before the agents and signed. The University has appeared in the preliminary proceedings as a private prosecution and has offered its legal services to the women victims of the recordings.

After the statements of the women who work on the Getafe campus, where the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences and the Humanities are located, the agents will visit the Leganés campus, which houses the engineering departments. SB would go to this last campus at mid-morning, until his shift for Carlos III ended at noon.

In 2020 there were no medical check-ups because most of the staff were at home, telecommuting. But when at the beginning of this course the activity at the university began to be resumed, the staff began to ask for the nurse, surprised by his absence. Those who had not yet found out what had happened to SB discovered it minutes after three in the afternoon, when the information on jumped from one phone to another.

A crime of revealing secrets

Now, the nurse is accused of a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets, included in article 197.1 of the Penal Code, and which punishes with between one and four years in prison anyone who, among other actions, obtains without the consent of the victim a recording that violates your privacy. Legal sources explain that if it is proven that there were so many women the victims of SB risk a sentence three times the highest, that is, four years for three, a total of 12 in prison. The expiration periods of the crime would force to exclude the recordings made more than five years ago. There are victims who have recognized themselves in images of two or three years ago.

However, the sentences imposed in recent years by the Supreme Court in similar cases are far from such high penalties, reports Alberto Pozas. One of the cases sentenced is that of a Mosso d’Esquadra who installed a hidden camera in the locker room used by his colleagues from the Badalona police station. The judges sentenced him to one year in jail for the seventeen completed crimes of discovery and revelation of secrets, one for each victim.

In the case of a traffic chief of the Local Police of Zaragoza, the penalty increased to three years in prison for recording the intimate parts of fourteen companions with a hidden camera in a pen. For both policemen, the courts established compensation for the victims: 4,000 for each in the case of the mosso and between 300 and 7,000 euros in the case of Zaragoza for the psychological consequences suffered by some victims.

In the case of the Carlos III nurse, the victims number in the hundreds.

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