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The obsession with cheese and nine other curiosities about Liz Truss, the favorite to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, is the overwhelming favorite to win the Conservative Party leadership race and thus become UK Prime Minister in September. Here are ten curiosities that you may not know about her.

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1) He loves to talk about cheese

Truss probably first went from being an unknown political figure to a meme in the public imagination with his surprising phrase “That. Is a. misfortune”, which he made in reference to the amount of cheese the country imports in his speech during the 2014 Conservative Party congress.

The truth is that in the interviews he gives he talks a lot about cheese. In a telegraph interview in 2015 he explained that one of his favorites was soft cheese Stinking Bishopand has also raved about artisanal blue cheese Binham Blue and the typical mountain cheese Wells Alpine, both produced on the Norfolk coast (its constituency is south-west Norfolk). At the 2018 party meeting he joked that he had been banned from talking about cheese in that edition’s speech. “When you eat a local cheese, you enjoy the traditions, the cattle and the special landscape of that place,” he said on another occasion.

2) It’s not just cheese: he has a favorite potato

Surely there aren’t many cabinet ministers who can name their favorite potato, but for Truss it is the Norfolk Peer. Having been Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and representing an area of ​​agricultural production, food has figured prominently in her career. In 2015, she said that she based her philosophy on a poster in the window of a Chinese restaurant. “When I was growing up in Leeds, I would often hang around the city center by the Briggate bus stop and look at the Chinese restaurant across the street and the sign in the window, which read: ‘Enjoy life. Dine here often’. That impacted me, it is the philosophy of life that I have because food is of vital importance to all of us”.

3) He loves karaoke

Truss is a karaoke enthusiast, and has been known to have the iconic song from the movie Dirty Dancing (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes in her repertoire, after she was seen singing in Manchester at a party event in 2021. However, to be able to sing with her you have to have plenty of money: it is said that in a fundraising event of funds held last year someone paid £22,000 (about 26,000 euros) to be able to sing a duet with politics.

4) Whitney Houston is his (current) number 1

Brexit isn’t the only thing Truss has changed her mind about over the years. In recent weeks he has said in interviews that he loves 80’s music and that his favorite song is I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. In 2001, when she was 25 years old, Truss gave a brief interview to the music weekly New Musical Express in which he revealed that the last album he had bought was Onka’s Big Mochaby Toploader, and that his favorite song at the time was i triedby Macy Gray. And he doesn’t just like ’80s music: Truss explained that his favorite movies were all in one day, The club of five Y St. Elmo meeting point.

5) She’s not a big Twitter user

He once had his own mishandling moment on Twitter. In an attempt to seek comment on herself, Truss tweeted a simple “Elizabeth truss.”

That tweet came from his BlackBerry, and he must lament the disappearance of the brand, since in 2013 it was described as “a BlackBerry person”.

6) He used to make miniature gardens for flower shows

In a 2016 interview with the magazine country fileAsked about her favorite activities in the country, Truss said: “My best memory is when I used to meet friends and attend your local flower show. I loved presenting my miniature gardens and rock cake treats.” On the contrary, she said that her worst experience in her camp was “getting lost in the rain in the Lake District”, recalling that her parents used to take her from “youth hostels” around the UK.

7) He likes cats with bow ties

It’s not entirely clear that he actually had anything to do with the bow tie. of the cat of the Ministry of Economy, but the truth is that the feline appeared on his 2017 Christmas card with this elegant complement, along with a red ministerial box full of Christmas decorations. Last year, Truss confused everyone when he sent his Christmas card 10 days early, with a tweet that now looks a lot like someone aspiring to the top job.

8) Her first name is Mary

In 2019, Truss recalled in an interview that she was upset when she was given a plaque with Mary’s name on it on her first day of school, since, although that is her given name, she had always been called by her middle name, Elizabeth. She said that she asked the teacher to change the name on the plate, but then she had doubts and suggested writing her middle name on the back.

9) It is not as well known by voters

At the end of July, his local newspaper, the Eastern Daily Press, went to the local market and showed pictures of Truss to her constituents, asking if they could recognize her. “It could be Maggie Thatcher or Theresa May,” an 82-year-old person, who declared himself akin to the Conservative Party, told the journalist. In total, only nine people out of 30 who were asked were able to identify it with her name.

10) If I were a Game of Thrones character, I’d be Arya Stark

In 2019, he cited some of his favorite TV shows, such as line of duty Y bridge. She also said that if she were a character on Game of Thrones, she would be the character played by actress Maisie William, the assassin with a thousand faces. arya stark. However, Truss did not say that he identifies with her because she wields a knife, but he admires that he “never conforms to what is expected of her.”

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