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The Office launches a video game for Android and iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

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the popular series office released a video game for mobile devices that you can download for free from app stores Google Play Store, for Android, Y App Store, for iPhone.

The video game is a simulation title where you have to make the Dunder Mifflin company earn money by giving orders to employees like Jim, Dwight, Pam and basically the entire cast that appears in all nine seasons of office.

As you complete objectives, you will be able to unlock new employees to whom you will have to assign tasks, and thus get more resources for the Dunder Mifflin paper company to prosper.

The official description of the game notes that some of the missions are based on some of the most famous episodes of the series, such as “The Dundies” and “Dinner Party”.

Although the video game is free, it includes microtransactions that, broadly speaking, consist of buying more resources to accelerate the progression in the game. Also, you can improve the skills of the employees so that they generate more resources for the company.

Part of the video game charm of office are its caricatured graphics and the appearance of each of the characters. If you are a fan of the series, perhaps the video game meets your expectations.

Currently, you can watch all the episodes of the nine seasons of office in Peacock, if you read us from the United States.

In other countries, such as Mexico, the series is broadcast on services such as HBO Max.

What are you waiting for? Download this video game on your Android or iPhone and make Dunder Mifflin grow.

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