Wednesday, October 27

The opposition accuses Almeida of betraying the Villa’s agreements and he asks him to support the budgets

On July 7, 2020, after having overcome the worst moment of the pandemic, the Madrid City Council responded to the challenge of the coronavirus by raising the flag of consensus with the Villa Agreements. Government and opposition drew the road map to rebuild the city after the worst months of the health crisis. That unit that was a milestone was months later diluted by accusations of non-compliance.

Today the opposition continues to accuse the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, of skipping that historic agreement that brought together Más Madrid and Vox in the same photo. Precisely the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Rita Maestre, accused Almeida of having “missed the opportunity given to him by the most loyal and responsible opposition that the history of this city has had” with the Villa Accords.

“Almeida has wasted the enormous political capital that we all build together and the opportunity to transform the city by applying these agreements that we agreed upon a year ago,” lamented the mayor at the end of the monitoring table of the Villa Agreements. “It has not been up to the exercise of responsibility that we did by proposing from Más Madrid the signing of these agreements but it has not been up to Madrid,” he insisted.

The PSOE spokesperson in the City Council, Mar Espinar, has also manifested in the same sense. Espinar, after criticizing again the lack of time with which the data have been provided to the opposition, has regretted that “a year later, there is a considerable delay in the execution.”

For her part, the spokeswoman for the municipal group of the PP and Councilor for Culture, Andrea Levy, has asked opposition groups this Monday to support the 2022 budgets, since she understands that this is “the greatest test of the will to want to comply with the Villa Agreements “. “The government of Almeida has fulfilled 95% of the agreements, between fulfilled and advanced in degree of fulfillment. 500 million euros were invested in the fulfillment of the Villa Agreements and we ask all groups to approve the budget of 2022 to invest in compliance, “said Levy.

“It is essential to continue working with generosity” to obtain “beneficial things, and it will be possible to demonstrate the will of the groups in which the Villa Agreements are fulfilled in allocating items in 2022, so there will be no greater proof of will to comply with the agreements, that the groups approve the budgets “, has insisted the Councilor for Culture.

The reproaches of the opposition

Maestre disagrees that the commitments have been fulfilled. “The municipal government itself has recognized that a public transport network has not yet been created, based on the existing planning of the M-35, based on high-capacity buses that connect the districts of the periphery as well as the north and the the south of the city, “said the spokeswoman for Más Madrid.

From the point of view of the cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, Maestre has indicated that “only 12 kilometers of bike lanes have been built that are neither safe nor connected with the rest of the city’s lanes” while the pedestrianizations that have been made in the districts “they are so unambitious that they seem like more makeup than a planned model to improve pedestrian mobility in the neighborhoods.”

The leader of the opposition in the city of Madrid has also regretted that Almeida has already taken a position against the Housing law being prepared by the central government. “The problems of the population to find and face the payment of rent, among others, have been aggravated by the pandemic. The mayor, far from acting for the Madrid population, turns his back on not creating the Social Housing Fund, aid municipalities for housing emergencies that have occurred due to the Covid-19 crisis “, have insisted in Más Madrid.

According to socialist calculations, “the measures completed or executed still do not reach 20 percent”, just three more than those that were considered completed in February. “At this rate we need four more years to comply with all the Agreements,” they have encrypted from the PSOE.

“They were agreements whose primary objectives were to attend the emergencies of the pandemic and put the means to facilitate the recovery and transformation of the city. And that seems to have been forgotten by the municipal government,” the Socialists have reproached.

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