Tuesday, November 28

The opposition denounces that Almeida does not include in the Budgets the modification of the IBI that he promised to the Mixed Group

The extraordinary plenary session of the Madrid City Council to approve the Budgets agreed with the three wayward councilors of Más Madrid has encountered a serious accusation shortly after the spokesmen’s interventions began. As denounced by the main opposition group, Más Madrid, and later also by the PSOE, in the text distributed on the final project the amendment by which the government team accepted to modify the payment of the IBI tax does not appear, as demanded the ediles of the Mixed Group as one of the conditions to support the accounts.

“The great trap and fiasco of the IBI, which remains as in 2021. They have cheated”, they have assured from the group led by Rita Maestre. “No subsidy appears in income or expenses in the Budget, and Engracia Hidalgo is empowered [delegada de Hacienda] to process the aid. Thus they avoid a report of the General Intervention that would have had to say that it is illegal to subsidize the payment of taxes in a generalized way, “sources from this same group have added.” Both hype and saucer and have only managed to keep the IBI as in 2021, no subsidies for cadastral values ​​of less than 300,000 euros or anything at all “.

Councilor Jorge García Castaño, from Más Madrid, was the first to report it on Twitter.

The Plenary has already started with some tension because the opposition –Más Madrid, PSOE and Vox- demanded in order to vote the first item on the agenda, regarding the holding of that extraordinary and urgent session, the documentation with all the transactional amendments submitted and the new amendment to the IBI Tax Ordinance. “We do not know what the hell we are going to vote on and what the transactional votes are going to be. Nor do we have the documentation of the agreement on the tax ordinance of the IBI, if there is one, “said then the councilman of Más Madrid, Miguel Montejo. The request was seconded by Mar Espinar, from the PSOE, and Arantxa Cabello, from Vox, so the president of the Plenary, Borja Fanjul, from the PP, agreed to delay the meeting for fifteen or twenty minutes.

Rita Maestre’s group also left their complaint on Twitter. “The pifostio of Almeida is such that the beginning of the Madrid plenary session is suspended because no opposition group knows the final text of the budgets. This embarrassment should stop now. They damage democracy and Madrid’s institutions. ”