Thursday, January 27

The opposition of Badalona reaches an agreement to remove Albiol from the mayor’s office

There is agreement between all the opposition groups in Badalona … and that does not happen every day. PSC, Guanyem, ERC, Comuns and Junts have reached an agreement this Wednesday to carry out the motion of censure against Xavier García Albiol. The parties are expected to have the eleven council members sign it this Thursday so that it can be officially registered the following day. Once it is presented, the plenary session will have to vote on the investiture proposal of the socialist candidate, Rubén Guijarro, in a session that is expected to be held on November 8.

With this agreement, and if everything goes as expected, a one-year and five-month stage of Albiol’s mayoralty would come to an end, which once again held the rod of command after the previous Socialist mayor resigned after being discovered driving under the effects of alcohol and in the middle of a pandemic. Albiol, who had already served as mayor between 2011 and 2015, has now returned to the eye of the hurricane after his name appeared in the Pandora Papers as the owner of an opaque company in Belize with his right-hand man, Ramón Riera. A piece of news that activated opposition groups to reach an agreement that had been impossible in May 2020.

Now Guijarro will take over, who hopes to be able to compose a broader government, with the involvement of ERC and the Comuns, at least. For his part, Guanyem Badalona, ​​the candidacy in which the CUP is integrated and the third group with the most councilors of the plenary session, has announced that although he will support the motion of censure, he discards for the moment entering the municipal government. Although they were initially determined to be part of the Executive and had already reached a preliminary agreement, the Socialists stepped back at the last moment and refused to give Guanyem the weight they demanded in the new Executive, which has caused the candidacy to withdraw from the coalition.

Things will be simpler with the rest of the Badalona groups. ERC has been urging the need to form an alternative and is applying to be in the new municipal folder, in the absence of finishing an agreement with the PSC. A situation similar to that of the Comuns, who already have experience sharing an executive with the Socialists in Badalona. The group of Junts has also announced this Wednesday at the last minute that it will support the motion, although it has not yet decided whether it will choose to assume government responsibilities.

The Socialists opened formal talks with the rest of the parties on Wednesday. The leader of the PSC of Badalona expressed his willingness to promote a motion against Albiol after receiving the approval of the Executive of his party. After the appearance of the mayor and leader of the PP of Badalona in the Pandora Papers, the Socialists had demanded his resignation, warning that if he did not do so they would open negotiations with other groups, as has finally happened.

Socialists and Guanyem are the two main opposition groups, with six and four councilors respectively, but their sum is not enough for the motion of censure to come to fruition. The votes of ERC are also necessary, with three councilors, of the Comuns, with two, and Junts, with one. However, in previous negotiations, it was the two main groups that had had the most difficulties in reaching an agreement. Guanyem’s announcement of his unconditional support for Guijarro left Albiol’s mandate sentenced, regardless of how the new local government ends up being formed.