Thursday, January 27

The opposition Xiomara Castro leads the results of the elections in Honduras

The presidential candidate Xiomara Castro, of the opposition Freedom and Refoundation Party (Libre), leads with 53.60% of the votes in the general elections this Sunday, according to the results of the National Electoral Council (CNE), which have accounted for 49.78% of the minutes.

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According to the data published by the electoral body on its website, in second place is the candidate of the ruling National Party, Nasry Asfura, with 33.83% of the votes, and in third place the candidate of the opposition Liberal Party, Yani Rosenthal , with 9.25%. Castro adds 929,112 votes, Asfura 586,343 and Rosenthal reaches 160,359, according to the official report.

The Electoral Council issues preliminary results as the information arrives from the polling stations, which closed at 5:00 p.m. local time on Sunday (12:00 Spanish time). The electoral body has 30 days from this Monday to announce the final results of the voting and proclaim a winner.

Xiomara Castro, former first lady and wife of the deposed former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, would become the first woman in the history of this Central American country to access the Head of State.

Castro, 62, leads a Libre alliance with the National Opposition Union of Honduras (Unoh), in their fight to remove the National Party from the Presidential House, which has been in power for the last twelve years.

Hondurans elect in the general elections the new president, three presidential appointees (vice presidents), 128 deputies to Parliament, 20 to the Central American and 298 municipal corporations, for the period 2022-2026.

The elections, with a 60% participation, more than 5 million of the 9.5 million inhabitants that Honduras has, in addition to being highly attended, were held with absolute normality, according to national and foreign observers. The Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union (EU), the European Parliament and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (Uniore), among other organizations, were present.

In Honduras there is no second round and the candidate with the most votes wins.

Reconciliation government

Castro has already been proclaimed the winner of the elections after the electoral body gave the first preliminary report, in which she added 297,714 votes based on 16.01% of the votes.

“God delays, but does not forget, and today the people have done justice, we reversed authoritarianism and continuity,” stressed Castro, who has announced a “permanent dialogue” in the country.

Castro has affirmed that once she is proclaimed president of Honduras, she will form a “government of reconciliation, peace and justice.” “We are going to initiate a process throughout Honduras to guarantee a participatory, direct democracy (…), never again will power be abused in this country,” he said.

In addition, he has said that he will call for “a permanent dialogue” with all sectors of the country and the international community to “find the answers that this country needs.”

“We are going to give our soul, life and heart to build a different, equitable and just homeland, with the ability to respond to so many needs of the people, we are going to meet with international organizations so that together we can advance, outside of war, hatred and the death squads, corruption and drug trafficking, ”said Castro.

Officialists ask “not to abandon”

Although the official results give the advantage to Xiomara Castro, leaders of the National Party have also declared winners since before the end of the voting and after the first report of the CNE they indicated that they will continue the results until the last vote is counted, since they have the certainty that the winner of the elections is Nasry Asfura.

The pro-government activists have asked their representatives “not to abandon” the polling stations and have asked that they count “vote by vote” to demonstrate the victory of the National Party.

The Liberal Party has also asked its representatives in the Voting Reception Boards (JRV) to defend the votes to avoid “the fraudulent practices of the enemies of democracy.”

“Election day does not end and the final results of this process will take many hours, which is why it requires from our representatives in the JRV, the defense of the votes and due vigilance of the process until its conclusion,” said the opposition party.

The Liberal Party has said that it will wait for the final results of the elections to pronounce on the electoral process and has asked the other political forces “to maintain the peace that Honduras so badly needs.”