Friday, August 12

The organization of the Reggaeton Beach Festival announces that it will sue the City Council of San Miguel de Abona for the “injustice suffered”

The organization of the Reggaeton Beach Festival of Tenerife, which was suspended and sealed by the City Council of San Miguel de Abona a few hours before it was held, for not meeting “the necessary requirements in terms of security and documentation”, has sent an email to all affected by announcing that its legal department “is going to file a lawsuit against the council and officials who may have committed irregularities throughout this process.”

It was last Thursday, 48 hours before the concert that would bring together several of the most representative voices of the genre, when the council made it public that the event “was not authorized.” “Our legal department is also going to watch over the rights of all of you and we are going to include in the lawsuit all the damages caused to our clients regarding transportation, lodging and expenses derived from the injustice that we have all suffered by this Administration”, added in the statement.

Likewise, starting next Friday, August 5, they will send in another email all the necessary information about the process of returning the full amount of the tickets and the Cashless bracelet.

According to the organizers, the Reggaeton Beach Festival is “a time-honored event. With one of the highest safety standards in all of Europe: some of the country’s most reputable engineers, technicians and suppliers work on the project. Never in the history of the Festival have we been denied any license in the more than 20 editions held by the main cities of our country: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca, Santander, Bilbao and Zaragoza, among many others”.

“What happened with this council in recent weeks after months of meetings where nothing indicated what happened, escapes all logic, administrative obstacles, leaking of erroneous information, claiming documents and certificates already presented.” According to the organizers, the reasons that have led this administration to knock down a project are not known with certainty, “what we do believe is that it is due more to personal interests than to technical criteria,” they justify.

They culminate announcing that their history in Tenerife “does not end here”. The festival, which was to take place at the Amarilla Golf Course in San Miguel de Abona, was going to feature such outstanding artists of the genre as Anuel AA, Ñengo Flow, Myke Towers, Bryant Myers, Juan Magan, Tokischa, Feid, Blessd, Manuel Turizo, or Justin Quiles, who has already announced on his social networks that this Sunday, around 8:00 p.m., he would give a free concert on a beach in the south of Tenerife to “compensate” his followers for the cancellation.

The organization had proposed an assembly consisting of a stage with 300m2 of LED screens, a VIP area, the largest inflatable park in Europe, giant slides, swimming pools, a chillout area, food trucks and merchandising.

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