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The original and remastered Quake came to all consoles | Digital Trends Spanish

The classic and mythical Quake is back now on modern platforms with improved graphics, Bethesda announced in the middle of its QuakeCon event.

This relaunch commemorates 25 years since the series first appeared in 1994. The remastering includes resolutions up to 4K and improvements in lighting, audio, graphic effects and support for 16: 9 resolutions. The latter is important because when the game was released, it did so with 4: 3 resolutions.

In terms of content, this version comes with the existing expansions of the game and also with the original soundtrack, which includes songs by Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. And of course, there are also the multiplayer modes, because what would be of Quake without them: the campaign can now be played online with four players or on split screen in local cooperative. And there will also be cross-platform multiplayer matches for up to eight people.

Above all, Bethesda relaunches Quake with support for mods, pieces of content that can be created (and curated) by the users themselves. And if that wasn’t enough, Machinegames – the Bethesda studio behind the excellent Wolfenstein Modern – has created two totally new expansions for the game.

The new Quake It will be released for the modest sum of $ 10 dollars and is available from today on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, on Xbox it has been added to the Xbox Game Pass service on consoles and PC, so users can have it at no extra cost.

Quake It’s another Xbox-owned release that is released on all platforms; It is worth remembering that Microsoft acquired Bethesda and all its properties, so now brands as iconic as itself Quake or Doom They are the property of Xbox.

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