Tuesday, September 28

The Ortega-Murillo regime intensifies the persecution against the Chamorro family



The revenge of the presidential marriage formed by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo against the Chamorro family does not stop. A few days before the 90 days of house arrest issued against the pre-candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua, Cristiana Chamorro, arrested on June 2 on charges of money, property and asset laundering, among other charges, the Prosecutor’s Office has expanded the charges against her.

The former director of the Violeta Barrios Chamorro Foundation (FVBCH), which had to close its doors last February after the approval by the Sadinist government of a law against foreign agents, has now been accused of the crimes of appropriation and improper retention, according to the Nicaraguan media ‘Confidencial’.

«Yesterday an extension of the accusation was presented against Cristiana María Chamorro Barrios for the crime of appropriation and improper retention. Likewise, Marcos Antonio Fletes Casco and Walter Antonio Gómez Silva were accused of the crimes of money laundering, goods and assets, appropriation and improper retention, abusive management and ideological falsehood, ”says a statement issued by the Public Ministry, collected by ‘100 %news’.

Another brother of Cristiana has also been accused under these same charges, Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Barrios, who has already served 60 days in the Chipote prison, after his arrest, accused of treason by the Sovereignty Law, a few hours after hinting in an interview with CNN the possibility of running for the Presidency, before the cascade of arrests of pre-candidates, in the elections of next November 7.

But the accusations against the Chamorro family do not end there. The Prosecutor’s Office has also accused another of the brothers this week, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, director of the ‘Confidencial, of ‘money laundering’ and has issued an arrest warrant against him. The journalist, one of the most recognized in the country, son of former president Violenta Barrios Chamorro and journalist Pedro Joaquín Chamorro (assassinated by the Somoza dictatorship), went into exile last July before the police siege to which his housing, as he himself related to ABC during an interview from Costa Rica. A few days before leaving the country, Chamorro witnessed the raid on the newspaper’s headquarters, which was later confiscated.

The journalist has also been accused of abusive management, and misappropriation and retention, in relation to the Violeta Barrios Chamorro Foundation, on which an investigation was opened last May, with which he has no personal or financial ties. , according to the newspaper ‘Confidencial’. The prosecution has also issued an arrest warrant against him, as well as against the rest of the accused who were not currently under arrest, in addition to expanding that of those who were already detained.

«The judicial authority admitted the extension of the accusation for Cristiana Chamorro Barrios and the accusation for the other accused persons decreed the precautionary measure of preventive detention for the accused who were under judicial detention and an arrest warrant for the accused who are without stop “, reads the statement of the Public Ministry.

The Prosecutor’s Office also charged six former employees of the foundation. Walter Gómez and Marcos Fletes, kidnapped for 89 days, and Ana Elisa Martínez Silva, Emma López, Guillermo Medrano and María Lourdes Arróliga, as well as Cristiana Chamorro’s driver, Pedro Vásquez.

Opaque process

The lawyers who defend the accusation against the foundation have denounced the lack of transparency of the process. “In the computer system of the courts there is still no information on the cases and there are no references to the hearings. The one carried out by the Public Ministry, in addition to being secret, is totally null because it was executed without the participation of the defense attorneys, appointed by the accused and their families, ”the ‘Confidential’ collects.

In addition to the cases opened against three Chamorro brothers, the arrest and accusation, under the Sovereignty Law, of Juan Sebastián Chamorro, pre-candidate for the Presidency who was arrested on June 8 and has been in prison for more than 77 days.

The Ortega-Murillo regime began a hunt at the end of May – there are already 34 arrests – against pre-candidates for the Presidency, opposition leaders, students, journalists, activists … ahead of the elections next November with overlooking have no competition, and thus Daniel Ortega achieve his fourth consecutive reelection. In this process of erasing any opposition, three political parties (the PRD, the PC and the Citizens for Freedom platform) have also been outlawed.

Neither the criticism of the international community nor the sanctions imposed by both the US and the EU have succeeded in dissuading the regime from destroying the country’s democratic fabric.

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